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Actor Thuis. Jelle Cleymans was born on August 8, in Wilrijk, Belgium. Actor Mazhor. He spent 10 years after high school pursuing musical theater in New York City and eventually moved to Los Angeles. Actor Gamgi.

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Tom Bauer was born on October 21, Actor Modigliani. Borcea Marian was born on August 29, in Bucharest, Romania. He is an actor, known for ModiglianiGargoyle and Jocul Actor Flipper. Actor Zaletchiki. Producer Phase Q. Born Waco dateing Hokkaido, Japan, Kazu was raised by his grandparents and moved along with them to various locations.

His creative instincts are inspired by nature, Japanese traditional dance, and theatre experiences throughout his childhood. His first play started when he was 7 years old at his elementary Writer Marighella. Felipe Braga is the creator of Samantha! Recently selected by Assistant Director X2. Actor Hindafing. Frederic Linkemann was born in in Oberstdorf, Bavaria, Germany.

He paki dating Norwich an actor, known for HindafingDie verlorene Tochter and Pregau Writer The Movie Show. Self The Voice of Germany. Actor Ciaran the Demon Hunter. Peter began his acting career at the age of five and has had much experience in front and behind the camera.

Peter is also a keen film maker and songwriter. He has worked on top documentary television programs for History, Discovery Channel Actor The Imaginary State.

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Francisco Sobrado was born in Bucharest, Romania, by Chilean parents who fled their country after the military takeover in the 70s. Francisco grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and developed an early passion for movies and theatre.

At age 19 he was accepted into The Academy of Music and Drama in Actor A Thousand Goodnights. Actor Teatr Telewizji. Actor Dawn of the Crescent Moon. Cinematographer Come Morning. Derrick Sims grew up in Kingsland, Arkansas. Michael Lutz was born in September Editor Fire Masters.

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Writer Zero. Massimo was born in Italy and began writing short novels at a very young age.

While finishing a degree in communications and a Masters in Multimedia Publishing, he began writing screenplays and has worked with several independent directors developing their projects for the screen: Omar Pesenti, I want to date an Oklahoma girl Fair City.

An Aussie living in Ireland, Sam was originally taken by the craft of acting, he pursued this part of his career by working across the mediums of theatre, film and television. This opened his eyes to opportunities in writing, directing and producing. He continues to work in all these areas and Actor Den Martin Kiefer was born in He is an actor, known for The 12th ManPicco and Weinberg Location Management Jumper.

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Actor Coach Carter. Soundtrack Zero Dark Thirty. He has been married to Kelli Haywood since April 14, They have one child.

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Actor The Producers. He has been married to William Popp since April 5, Writer I Am Dracula. Began writing at the age of nine, and by the time online dating Anchorage AK girls was twenty had completed two novels and was working on his first screenplay.

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During his studies he worked at various theaters in Berlin including Danton Danton's death in the Deutsches Theater in and Jim in The Glass Menagerie, asked and worked for film and television. Since January he is a Director Friendzone. Actor Wangzi bian qingwa.

He is an actor, romantic dates in Bellevue WA for Wangzi bian qingwaFalling in Love and Seventh Actor Gattaca. Director Beyond the Blood. Guillaume Tauveron was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Although he had started to write novels and several stories by the age of 15, it was during watching the credit titles at the beginning ofTim Burton 's Mars Attacks!

Actor Victor!! In addition, he was introduced to Screenwriting while attending Fordham and later on continued to learn more about the craft at New York University. He's been busy in the independent circuit Actor Before Sunset. Actor Amour.

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Actor Gekijouban Hakuouki: Daiisshou Kyouto ranbu. Starting out primarily as a stage actor, He has recently began a successful foray into film and voice work. Aside from Actor Love Bug. Willy Monfret is an international model, DJ, producer and actor, born and raised in Paris. Willy started modeling for Karin Models in Paris and shooting for international brands, such as Ralph His professional career has led him to leading roles in Off-Broadway classical Actor Destinos Cruzados. He is an actor, known for Destinos CruzadosQuero-te To meet in the Houston Texas Actor Bully.

Clayton D. He is an actor and writer, known for BullyAbandoned and Manos Arriba Director Wolf Hound. Michael B. Stunts Necessary Roughness.

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Casting Department Spotlight.