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By Richard Harris Satellite imagery by U. The millions of dots on the map trace highways, side streets and bike trails — each one following the path of an anonymous cellphone user. One path tracks someone from a home room date in Connecticut Newark to a nearby Planned Parenthood, remaining there for more than an hour. Another represents a person who travels Louisiana woman seeking men the mayor of New York during the day and returns to Long Island at night.

Yet another leaves a house in upstate New York at 7 a. Only one person makes that trip: Lisa Magrin, a year-old math teacher. Her smartphone goes with her. An app on the device gathered her location information, which was then sold without her knowledge. It recorded her whereabouts as often as every two seconds, according to NY vedere dating database of more than a million phones in the New York area that was reviewed by The New York Times. While Ms. Magrin, who allowed The Times to review her location data. Like many consumers, Ms. By Michael H. At least 75 companies receive anonymous, precise location data from apps whose users enable location services to get local news and weather or other information, The Times found.

Several of those businesses claim to track up to million mobile devices in the United States — about half those in use last year. These companies sell, use or analyze the data to cater to advertisers, retail outlets and even hedge funds seeking insights into consumer behavior.

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The social network Foursquare remade itself as a location marketing company. Businesses say their interest is in the patterns, not the identities, that the data reveals about findsomeone dating Hollywood FL. But those with access to the raw data — including employees or clients — could still identify a person without consent.

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Or, working in reverse, they could attach a name to an anonymous dot, by seeing where the device spent nights and using public records to figure out who lived there. Many location companies say that when phone users enable location services, their data is fair game. But, The Times found, the explanations people see when prompted to give permission are often incomplete or misleading. An app may tell users that granting access asian Houston Texas dating service their location will help them get traffic information, but not mention that the data will be shared and sold.

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That disclosure is often buried in a vague privacy policy. After Elise Lee, a nurse in Manhattan, saw that her device Henderson brides meeting their foreign husbands been tracked to the main operating room at the hospital where she works, she expressed concern about her privacy and that of her patients. Lee, who allowed The Times to examine her location history in the data set it reviewed. The mobile location industry began as a way to customize apps and target for nearby businesses, but it has morphed into a data collection and analysis machine.

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For example, someone may search online for healthy recipes, but GroundTruth can see that the person often eats at fast-food restaurants. Greenstein said. Health care facilities are among the more enticing but troubling areas for tracking, as Ms. Tell All Digital, a Long Island advertising firm that is a client of reasons to date a Lincoln NE guy location company, says it runs ad campaigns for personal injury lawyers targeting people anonymously in emergency rooms. Jails, schools, a military base and a nuclear power plant — even crime scenes — appeared in the data set The Times reviewed.

One person, perhaps a detective, arrived at the site of a late-night homicide in Manhattan, then spent time at a nearby hospital, returning repeatedly to the local police station. Two location firms, Fysical and SafeGraphmapped people attending the presidential inauguration. SafeGraph did not respond to requests for comment. More than 1, popular apps contain location-sharing code from such companies, according to data from Mightyala mobile analysis firm.

The most prolific company was Reveal Mobile, based in North Carolina, which had location-gathering code in more than apps, including many that provide local news. A Reveal spokesman said that the popularity of its code showed that it helped app developers make ad money and consumers get free services.

To evaluate location-sharing practices, The Times tested 20 apps, a date with iris Santa Cruz of which had been flagged by researchers and industry insiders as potentially NY vedere dating the data. Dating with girls in Elkhart, 17 of the apps sent exact latitude and longitude to about 70 businesses.

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Precise location data free anal hookup Florida one app, WeatherBug on iOS, was received by 40 companies. The Times also identified more than 25 other companies that have said in marketing materials or interviews that they sell location data or services, including targeted advertising.

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The spread of this information raises questions about how securely it is handled and whether it is vulnerable to hacking, said Serge Egelman, a computer security and privacy Pensacola FL woman looking for man affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley. Companies that use location data say that people agree to share their information in exchange for customized services, rewards and discounts.

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Magrin, the teacher, noted that she liked that tracking technology let her record her jogging routes. Brian Wong, chief executive of Kiip, a mobile ad firm that has also sold anonymous data from some of the apps it works with, says users give apps permission to use and share their data.

But Ms. Lee, the nurse, had a different view. Lee had given apps on her iPhone access to her location only for certain purposes — helping her find parking spaces, sending her weather alerts — and only if they did not indicate that the information would be used for anything else, she said. Magrin had allowed about a dozen apps on dating for nerds Lansing Android phone access to her whereabouts for services like traffic NY vedere dating. But it is easy to share information without realizing are Odessa TX and ally dating. Of the 17 apps that The Times saw sending precise location data, just three on iOS and one on Android told users in a prompt during the permission process that the information could be used for advertising.

The Weather Channel app, owned by an IBM subsidiary, told users that sharing their locations would let them get personalized local weather reports.

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An IBM spokesman said the pilot had ended. Policies for apps that funnel location information to help investment firms, for instance, have said the data is used for market analysis, or simply shared for business local milf Danbury. Kilduff said responsibility for complying with data-gathering regulations fell to the companies that collected it from people. Some companies say they delete the location data after online free dating Avondale it to servesome use it for and pass it along to data aggregation companies, and others keep the information for years.

Nevertheless, Cuebiq encrypts its information, logs employee queries and sells aggregated analysis, he said. There is no federal law limiting the collection or use of such data. Mithal said. The app developers can make money by directly selling their data, or by Orlando Florida dateing it for location-basedwhich command a premium.

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Location data companies pay half a cent to two cents per user per month, according to offer letters to app makers reviewed fun date night ideas in Roanoke VA The Times.

Google and Facebook, which dominate the mobile ad market, also lead in location-based advertising. Both companies collect the data from their own apps. Google, which also receives precise location information from apps that use its ad services, said it modified that data to make it less exact.

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Smaller companies compete for the rest of the market, including by selling data and analysis to financial institutions. Apple and Google have a financial interest in keeping developers happy, but both have taken steps to limit location data collection. Apple has been stricter, for example requiring apps to justify collecting location details in pop-up messages. Apple recently shelved plans that industry insiders say would have ificantly curtailed location collection.

Last year, the company said an upcoming version of iOS would show a blue bar onscreen whenever an women looking for sex in Aurora CO not in use was gaining access to location data. After examining maps showing the locations extracted by their apps, Ms. Lee, the nurse, and Ms.

Magrin, the teacher, immediately limited what data those apps could get.

Lee said she told the other operating-room Minnesota dating side to do the same. Lee said. Please upgrade your browser. The data revealed her daily habits, including hikes with her dog, Lulu. A notice that Android users saw when theScore, a sports app, asked for access to their location data. The Weather Channel app showed iPhone users this message when it first asked for their location data. Related Coverage.