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Asylum seekers waiting in nuevo laredo fear lurking dangers

Instead they were met by unidentified men, taken to a hotel, held in a room and threatened not to try Gainesville FL t date this man leave while the men tried, unsuccessfully, to extort money from relatives.

After three days they managed to escape when the men left the room unguarded and they took refuge in a church. As the United States tries to slow the flow of mostly Central American migrants and asylum seekers to its southern border and pressures Mexico to assist, months-long stays on the Mexican side of the frontier have become the rule for many.

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The U. For the 1, or so asylum seekers and migrants currently stuck in Nuevo Laredo hoping for a chance at refuge in the United States, fear is palpable and stories of harrowing experiences are common. The Mexican government announced plans Wednesday to make friends online not dating Eugene OR millions of dollars to improve migrant shelters and detention centers that house families, but in southern Mexico, far from the U. The Honduran woman fled her home country due to threats she had received as a government worker.

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She sought asylum in southern Mexico, but the documents related to that claim were stolen along with her phone Murfreesboro TN distance relationship save the date a kidnapping attempt when men hustled the family into a van as they were walking down a street. They got away when the vehicle approached a checkpoint dating a greek NY man they were abruptly shoved out the door.

Now she finds herself in Nuevo Laredo and wants to try for asylum in the United States, but she is worried by a new U. Even if she does try, once her name reaches the front of the long waiting list she stands to be promptly sent back to Mexico to wait for a U. She spent all day Wednesday at a shelter in Nuevo Laredo, afraid to even venture out to the local migration office to try to replace her Mexican asylum documents.

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Nor has she filed a police report about the kidnapping. Migrant advocacy groups have criticized the U. Gledis Neira, a year-old Cuban, arrived in Mexico on June 4 and a week later at a municipal shelter in Nuevo Laredo.

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State Department warns U. On Wednesday, Central Americans were rescued from an overcrowded tractor-trailer. Drug gangs and splinter groups have long fought for control.

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Currently the Northeast cartel is in charge, ruling through threats, disappearances, kidnappings and killings. Nuevo Native Montgomery people meet registered violent homicides through the first five months of this year, and there are 20 open kidnapping investigations.

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Mexican officials fear a possible repeat of a massacre of 72 migrants in the Tamaulipas town of San Fernando, and want at all costs to avoid that. On Tuesday, dozens of people who were returned from the United States to Nuevo Looking for sex Erie were put on a bus bound for the city of Monterrey. Most had crossed illegally, unlike others who waited weeks to file U. He added that officials were examining the possibility of converting a military base in the nearby town of Colombia into a migrant reception center.

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There are s that immigration facilities in Monterrey, too, are overwhelmed. The people were later taken to a fairground.

A Salvadoran man at the officee died of a heart attack, the government said, though the circumstances were unclear. Some asylum seekers said arriving at the U. They waited 50 days in Nuevo Laredo before they were able to apply for refuge, and then were promptly Vallejo CA free sex new back to wait for a Sept. Asylum seekers waiting in Nuevo Laredo fear lurking dangers.

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Full Coverage: Immigration. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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