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Arizona isn't three Bend relationship dating Hollywood Jr. Think of it: Without going too far, you can set a scene in a desert, by a lake or, in the winter, in the snow. Even if a movie isn't set here, we can double for just about anywhere.

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The following movies are remarkably diverse in nature, but share this description: made in Arizona. Though set in San Dimas, Calif. How to watch: Stream dating Lincoln expat Hulu. The documentary takes place inwhile the city underwent plans for a centennial celebration. Like any good documentary, it's about more than the initial subject. With scenes shot all over Bisbee, obviously. How to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime.

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The state fairgrounds are instantly recognizable on-screen. Not so with Glendale's Valley West Mall, which died a righteous Viking death before demolition and served as a battleground for David Arquette to square off against a horde of spiders made giant by toxic waste in the expats in Tempe AZ dating mining town of Prosperity, Ariz.

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The plot: A comet is hurtling toward Phoenix, eventually leveling downtown — the Hyatt Regency topples, for instance, through some nifty special effects. Not to be confused with "Fire in the Sky," a movie about an extraterrestrial encounter How to watch: Not available to stream. Shot on location, in Las Vegas and Phoenix. The old Phoenix City Hall stands in for a police station. The classic sci-fi film used a of northern Arizona locations, including Glen Canyon and spots nearto realize a dystopian future in which apes have become the dominant species.

Tom Cruise stars as a sports agent in the midst of a professional crisis trying to secure Tidwell a lucrative contract with the Cardinals in this winning Cameron Crowe comedy. How to watch: Stream on Netflix. Hey, it was the '80s! At least enough that the area filled in for the country in this war drama, about U.

The film was shot largely in Arizona as the family journeys from New Mexico dating united San Antonio Texas TX California in a wheezing VW bus and makes ironical use of a reading "Carefree Highway. It's laugh-out-loud funny; De Niro and Grodin have a great, unexpected chemistry. Did we mention that Bologna's character is the coach of the Phoenix Suns? That explains what Al Soulmate dating Lakeland is doing in the cast.

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Shooting locations included Veterans Memorial Coliseum, then the team's home. How to watch: Stream on Amazon Prime.

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An attempt to rid an Arizona ranch of rabbits turns the animals into savage beasts, courtesy of a scientific method gone wrong. With Janet Leigh. And to think, she was in "Psycho.

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A few scenes later, of course, we all know what happens to poor Janet. Needlessly remade in by Gus Van Sant. Desperate to become parents, career criminal H. Asked why he changed his surname to Arizona, Nathan answers, "Would you shop at a store called Unpainted Huffheins? Things don't go as planned. There are recognizable shots from all around the East Valley, and some scenes were filmed in Prescott. The campus comedy, about social outcasts uniting in their own fraternity, starred Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Timothy Busfield and John Goodman.

How to watch: Stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime. In this gentle romance directed by John Carpenter, the E. Peter Frampton headlined the actual concert, which also featured Santana and Montrose none of them appears in the film. Streisand came out in the middle and sang five songs; she also fired up the crowd by dropping findsomeone dating Lincoln NE couple of f-bombs.

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Other sequences were filmed at Gammage Auditorium. After "Rocky," to meet Tuscaloosa AL was the highest-grossing film released in Picard, Commander Riker and drunken Counselor Troi. A smart and biting film by David O. The original was shot all over Arizona, including in Old Tucson and Elgin, and is one of the great Westerns, a pulse-pounding film about a desperate rancher charged with escorting a dangerous criminal to Contention City to catch a train — the to Yuma — and see him off to the Yuma jail.

Their flight from the Man le to an unexpected ending and one of the most instantly iconic movie scenes in history, with our sympathetic heroines taking a leap into the abyss — the Grand Canyon.

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Kurt Russell stars as Wyatt Earp and Free online chat rooms Los Angeles no registration Kilmer as Doc dating Muskegon a fat woman your huckleberry" Holliday dramatizing, with great artisticthe events surrounding 's famous gunfight at the O. Filmed largely in Arizona, with a crucial stop at Bree's parents' house that uses Phoenix as the quintessential generic, middle-of-the-road American city, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Trivia fodder: co-written by William H. There are also some scenes shot in a West-side junkyard. It's not a definitive look at the state, but it's something. The film follows the band on its tour, supporting "The Joshua Tree" album. Among the stops: Sun Devil Stadium. Cheap tickets ensured a sellout, though the band wasn't having much trouble on that front. Especially nice: Al Lewis, best known as Grandpa Munster, in a small role. Surprisingly funny.

A Sweet Tomatoes now occupies the latter spot, which doesn't seem as sweet. Disaster, much of it hilarious, ensues. Along the way they stop by, among other places, the Grand Canyon. Nothing can substitute for that.

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Based on John Hughes' "National Lampoon" short story, which is one of the funniest articles ever written. Facebook Twitter. These 34 movies were made in Arizona.

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Here's how you can watch them. Share your feedback to help improve our site!