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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sat 11th of April Report.

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Riddler was always obsessed with Catwoman. So when the opportunity arises, he decides to make his obsession a reality.

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Batgirl has to provide pleasure to the Joker? Sure, it would give her the chance to provide the ultimate revenge, but can she do it without hurting Batman or Robin? Dating an Hickory guy is hired to capture Blackfire. As she tries to use Earth as her sanctuary planet, Lobo faces off against several heroines trying to protect her. Things get awkward for Kara and Alex.

Or, a continuation of Super Sam, with a lot more group sex. Batman tracks down the thief of the famous Kissimmee FL post dating of Gotham diamond - and encounters the unexpected. The Riddler has captured Batgirl and has placed her in the ultimate humiliating trap.

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A series of smuts depicting the experiences of the Whitmore-Dugan family. If you Wilmington girls looking for white guys chat about my fics, request, collaborate or stuff. A heat wave keeps Vriska and Karkat trapped indoors.

With nothing else to do, Vriska has Karkat read her one of his romance books. The sultry weather combined with the provocative reading material sets the mood for something neither of them would anticipate. Set after the first season. Our mind-controlling protagonist spends time in a record store.

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The comic is set in cool dates in Salinas s. For consistency I moved it to the present day. Our mind-controlling protagonist spends the night with Stargirl and friends. Based on the TV show 'Stargirl', after the end of season one. The second part of the series.

Now, the stories get really dirty but in a good way. Find stories of ladies and men enjoying their sexual needs and doubling the pleasure. Dark Arrow By : msparx Published : December 13, During her time spying on the Reach, Artemis becomes hornier than she's ever felt before, and surprises a certain Atlantean with hot shower sex Starfall By : Tenudakin Published : Free chat line number in Vancouver 2, Cindy knows what she wants with the girls of the JSA, and she is going to get it.

Credits to a reader and friend who discussed and worked on the story and smut with me.

‘dc comics’ stories

Writing prompts and pairing request are also welcome. If you wanna chat about my fics, have any suggestions or request or stuff. Sally's special breaktime By : snoopingfox87 Published : May 28, Pretty much what it says in the title. Nicole insists Sally take at least a little break from the paperwork, and she knows exactly what or rather, Olympia WA women looking for man the former princess needs Contributions by other writers are allowed but I'd appreciate being able to read them before.

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For now, chapter 1 is the only one written by me, "snoopingfox87". Helping out a trans boy with his self-esteem By : snoopingfox87 Published : May 28, Although Tails Newport RI blossoms dating online Fiona Fox are a very close couple, he's still very conflicted by various things, including his decision to pursue transitional treatments or just to present himself as a male.

When Fiona sees him naked in the shower and discovers the truth, she, Rouge the Bat, Nicolette "Nic" the Weasel and Wave the Swallow come up with a plan to help the fox boy believe in himself. And what about if they throw a party he will never forget?

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Based on the "Superbabes: Special Delivery Service" series by SnowWolf35 Ever wonder what Orders sees that keeps her from sending some of the girls out looking for love from Illinois deliveries? Well, wonder no more as we peer into her visions of things that might be and all the filthy depravity within!

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Contains dark themes. This story goes with a series I am planning where all meet native Seattle women super heroes are bad guys and all the villains are the good guys. I, Martian Manhunter, get sick of petty humans, wreak destruction, but bring along my hot babes for the ride. Some sexy stuff goes down.