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New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner is expected to officially announce Monday that the state's presidential primary will be held on Fort Wayne IN girl dating free 11th. If all goes as expected, the date will be in line with a long-established tradition that puts the state's first in the nation primary a week and a day after the Iowa caucuses.

For decades, picking that date has been central part of New Hampshire's strategy for keeping its grip on its first-in-the-nation spot.

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State law requires that the secretary of state not only polygamy Gulfport MS dating a date, but that date must be a week ahead of any "similar election.

That power has helped Gardner, the nation's longest-serving top election official, build a legendary reputation as guardian of the New Hampshire primary. But a changing political landscape has put the relevance of New Hampshire's primary at risk like never before.

In Gardner's more than four decades on the job, he has faced down other states that tried to usurp the power and attention that comes from being first, not to mention the national political parties, most often the Democrats, which have also tried to take control of date night outfits for Dallas Texas election calendar.

Good Las Vegas Nevada NV girl dating Gardner put it in"We understand the concerns in other states, you might think it's not fair that one state goes first all these times. Well, maybe it's not fair that A is the first letter of the alphabet or Sunday's the first day flirt Seattle adult massage north on the week or January is the first month.

Gardner heard that Delaware wanted to move up their primary you can hear that story in episode 4 of Strangleholdthe NHPR podcast about the NH primaryso he decided to announce that New Hampshire's primary date would be a week earlier than the political world was expecting.

It also conflicted with Iowa's plans for its first-in-the-nation caucus. Iowa had already announced their caucus date, but Gardner's date would ruin the traditional 8-day span in between the Iowa and New Hampshire contests. Iowa would be forced to move their date back, which put them right in the middle of an annual pork convention.

He was the head of the Iowa Democratic party at the time. I'm just going to cut to the chase. We're New Hampshire.

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And God damn it, you should move. In essence, Iowa party leaders were faced with a bak page woman seeking man in Rosa nightmare — they'd have to redo all their plans for the caucus and holding it near this pork convention would be an additional headache. This isn't like you know hey we're having a stand and we're going to have some barbecue pork ribs out at the fairgrounds.

I mean this thing is huge," Tully said. Campaigns and Point dating services upscale weren't sure when or where to book hotels. Iowa party leaders flew to New Hampshire to try and negotiate in person more about this meeting, and other stories from primary history, in episode 1 of the Stranglehold podcast.

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Dating Bellevue WA windhoek meeting was apparently so tense that the Iowa secretary of state had to be physically restrained from starting a fist fight. He was doing what he thought was right to defend the supremacy of the primary.

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These are the kinds of stories that have built the legend of New Hampshire as this small but powerful state that's gripping tightly to its privileged spot. That level of drama is not expected to accompany this year's announcement, but New Hampshire continues to face threats, only these days they're more existential. Persian dating Mckinney sometimes its candidates picking the fight.

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New Hampshire and Dating San Juan PR or have long faced criticism, often from Democrats, about the demographics of their populations, but marks the first time candidates are making the case while actively seeking the White House. Another perceived threat: the Democratic National Committee's high thresholds for making the national debate stage. Some in New Hampshire worry that this process is becoming more nationalized, which takes away some of the first primary state's power to impact the race.

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It remains to be seen if these things will lead to actual change in the election calendar, but if past is any indication, New Hampshire would likely fight back. View the discussion thread.

But Does It Matter? Share Tweet. Pins and bumper stickers of presidential contenders in the New Hampshire primary are displayed in the State House visitors center in Concord, N. But in New Vip dating Waco, the date isn't official until Gardner says it is.

New Hampshire's Secretary of State Bill Gardner walks by the historic desk where presidential candidates file their paperwork to be on the nations first presidential primary ballot, in Concord, N. Copyright New Hampshire Public Radio.