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But the street really achieved a critical mass of popularity post-Katrina, and in the past few years, Frenchmen is tourist central come the evening, especially on weekends. But so what?

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Marquis de Lafayette served the Continental Army with distinction during the American Revolutionary War, providing tactical leadership while securing vital resources from France. Lafayette fled his home country during the French Revolution, but the "Hero of Two Worlds" regained prominence as a statesman before his death on May 20, Appleton dating guide Lafayette's father was killed in battle during the Seven Years War, and his mother and grandfather both died inleaving Lafayette with a vast inheritance. Inspired by stories of the colonists' struggles against British oppression, Lafayette sailed to the newly declared United States in to the uprising. He was initially rebuffed by colonial leaders, but he impressed them with his passion and willingness to serve for free, and was named a major-general in the Continental Army.

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Thanks to a rich historical record, we do not have to imagine the reaction of Gen. George Washington when, on July 31,he was introduced to the latest French "major general" foisted free speed dating events Asheville him by the Continental Congress, this one an aristocrat not yet out of his teens.

Virtually since Washington had taken command of the Colonial Army some two years before, he had been trying to sweep back a tide of counts, chevaliers and lesser foreign volunteers, many of whom brought with them enormous self-regard, little English and less interest in the American cause than in motives ranging from martial vanity to sheriff-dodging.

The Frenchman now presenting himself to George Washington in the Colonial capital of Philadelphia was the year-old Marquis de Lafayette, who was in America principally because he was enormously rich. Though Congress had told Washington that Lafayette's commission was purely honorific, no one seemed to have told the marquis, and two weeks after their first meeting, Washington shot off a letter to Lansing MI dating interracial Harrison, a fellow Virginian in Congress, complaining that this latest French import expected command of a division!

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The success of the American Revolution was then very much in doubt. For more than a year, apart from two militarily inificant but symbolically critical victories in Trenton and Princeton, Washington's army had succeeded only at evasion and retreat. His depleted forces were riddled with smallpox and jaundice, there was not enough money to feed dating french men in Lafayette LA pay them, and the British, emboldened to dream of an early end to the war, were on their way toward Philadelphia with a fleet of some ships carrying 18, British regulars—news that Washington had received with that morning's breakfast.

At the dinner where he met Lafayette, Washington had to flirt Orlando adult massage north on the urgent fear of congressmen that Philadelphia itself could fall to the British, and he had nothing of much comfort to tell them. So a pushy French teenager would seem to have been the last thing Washington needed, and eventually the general was dating Sioux City guys that he was free to do as he liked with the impetuous young nobleman.

How then to explain that before the month of August was out, Lafayette was living in Washington's house, in his very small "family" of top military aides; that in a matter of weeks he was riding at Washington's side on parade; that by early September he was riding with Washington into battle; that after he was wounded at Brandywine Creek a defeat that indeed led to the fall of Philadelphia Haven straight men free, he was attended by Washington's personal physician and watched over anxiously by the general himself?

History has no answer. Actually, Lafayette's biographers have settled on one: that Washington saw in Lafayette the son he never had, and that Lafayette found in Washington his long-lost father—a conclusion that, dating out of your Petersburg VA if true, is so widely and briskly postulated as to suggest a wish to avoid the question. In any case it is unsatisfying in several ways. For one, Washington rarely expressed regret at not having of his own, and though he had many young military aides, he hardly treated them with fatherly tenderness.

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His adjutant Alexander Hamilton, who like Lafayette had lost his father in infancy, found Washington so peremptory that he demanded to be reased. Perhaps most discouraging to the father-son idea is that the relationship between Washington and Lafayette was not one of dating below your Merced affection. The elaborate 18th-century courtesies in their correspondence may be easily read as s of warmth; they could also disguise the opposite.

The two men differed on many things and are sometimes found to be working against each other in secret, each to his own ends. Their interaction reflects the always problematic relations between their two countries, an alliance of which they were also the founding fathers. It is difficult to imagine a supposedly friendly bilateral alliance fraught with more tension than that of France and the United States.

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Inwhen Napoleon brought years of outrageous French attacks on American shipping to an end with dating a black guy Philadelphia a white woman new commercial treaty, he dismissed the long, acrimonious conflict as a "family spat.

Others have described the French-American relationship as that of "sister republics" born during "sister revolutions. Never has a national rivalry been more spiteful than the one between the old regime of the Bourbons and Hanoverian England, though they did share a belief in the profound inificance of the American colonies. As colonial overlords, Washington's mother country and Lafayette's patrie saw North America mainly as a tempting place to poach and plunder, a potential chip in their war with each other and a small but easy market of primitives and misfits who lived in forests and dressed in animal skins.

For their part, the American settlers saw the British as their oppressors, and were inclined to see the French as prancing, light-minded land-grabbers sent by the pope to incite Indian massacres. Lafayette Park.

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At a time when Western civilization faces a geopolitical challenge that requires more than casual Franco-American cooperation, the question is not frivolous. The answer begins with the fact that the French and American revolutions were more like distant cousins, and that the French Ventura NM dating scams was incomparably Gilbert women dating scams important to the United States than American independence was to France.

To the revolutionary governments of France, America was relevant chiefly as a debtor. In American politics, however—just as the newly united states were struggling toward consensus on forms of government and their common character as a nation—the French Revolution posed the central question: whether to follow France's egalitarian and republican model of society or some modification of the mixed British constitution, with king, lords and commons.

It was in the crucible of debate over whether to go the way of Britain or France that the citizens of the United States would discover what it was to be American. The friendship of Washington and Lafayette dating french men in Lafayette LA in some ways as implausible as Visalia blossoms dating asian women French-American mature dating Joliet free, almost like the setup to a joke: Dating internet service Corona CA does a Virginia frontiersman and grade-school dropout have in common with a moneyed French aristocrat who learned his horsemanship in the company of three future kings?

Or what do you call a bumptious optimist whose best friend is a moody loner? Lafayette threw his arms around people and kissed them on both cheeks. Washington did not. Alexander Hamilton once offered to buy Gouverneur Morris dinner if he would clap Washington on the shoulder and say how great it was to see him again. When Morris complied, Washington simply, and without a word, removed Morris' hand from the sleeve of his coat and froze him with a stare.

Washington and Lafayette shared one characteristic of overriding importance, however: they were aristocrats in a monarchy—Washington self-made and Lafayette born to the manor, but both men links in a chain of favor and patronage that extended ultimately from a king, in a world where status could not be earned but had to be conferred.

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Both men were in this sense raised to be courtiers rather than patriots. Washington's flattery in his early letters to the royal governor of Virginia and other high officials is sometimes painful to read, and though Lafayette spurned one offer to take a place at court and complained of the cringing, fawning behavior he saw there, that was his world and background.

In their time, the notion of equality was almost literally unthinkable. Distinctions of rank were implicit in the unspoken language of everyday life, embedded too deep to be much remarked on even when they were pointedly felt, as they often were. Freedom, too, was a dating a Beaumont man concept.

In both the Colonies and in France, the word "liberty" date in Santa Barbara CA men referred to a traditional or newly granted privilege, such as an exemption from tax. The model of "independence" that Washington held before him was that of the Virginia gentleman, whose property and wealth liberated him from dependence on anyone, even powerful friends.

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To declare one's independence was to declare oneself an aristocrat. In the 18th century—in America, France and Britain alike—the ultimate test of personal success was called "fame," "glory" or "character," words that ified neither celebrity nor moral courage but referred to a person's reputation, which was also called his "honor.

Fame and its synonyms meant an illustrious eminence, a stature accrued from having led a consequential life. The pursuit of fame was not particularly Christian—it called for self-assertion rather than self-abnegation, competition rather than humility—but neither Washington nor Lafayette nor most of their fellow revolutionaries were serious Christians in fact, even if they were by denomination. Asked why the Constitution failed to mention God, Hamilton supposedly said, "We forgot.

Discredited along with faith and metaphysics was the certainty of dating french men in Lafayette LA afterlife, and without the prospect of spiritual immortality, the best hope of defying oblivion was to secure a place in history. In the world in which Washington and Lafayette lived, fame was the closest thing to heaven. Finding themselves leading the struggle for the right to become something other than what birth ordained, Washington and Lafayette, in very different ways, had to win their own independence; and to find friends online Miami Florida FL free them as they did so—making their way from courtier-subjects to patriot-citizens—is one way to see a radically new world being born, one in which the value of a life is not extrinsic and bestowed but can be earned by one's own effort.

Like other founding fathers of this new world, Washington and Lafayette started out by striving to be seen as the men they wished to be. If their motives for doing so were mixed, their commitment was not, and somewhere along the way, in a kind of moral and political alchemy, the urgings of fame and glory were transmuted into finer stuff, and their lives became enactments of high principle. This transformation hardly happened overnight—indeed, it was incomplete even at the end of their lives—but it began not long at all after they met.

Washington always said that the book from which he learned most about training an army was Instructions to His Generals by Frederick the Great, the ultimate handbook for the management of an army with officer-aristocrats. In such an army, soldiers were cannon fodder. Officers were expected to work for the love of glory and out of loyalty to the king, but their men—mostly mercenaries, criminals and ne'er-do-wells—were not to think about the cause they were dating Gulfport MS in for or about much of anything else, for that matter because thought led to insubordination.

Maintaining sharp social distinctions was considered essential for an army whose men would go to battle only if they feared their officers more than they feared transsexual in Detroit Mi look for man enemy.

Not surprisingly, Frederick's manual begins with 14 rules for preventing desertion. From the beginning of the Revolutionary Dating service Cedar Rapids IA area, Washington adopted Frederick's proscriptions.

This attitude began to change only at Valley Forge, in earlywith the arrival of one Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, a veteran of Frederick's officer sex meet in Asheville but a man who clearly saw beyond his own experience.

Washington appointed him inspector general of the Continental Army in the hope that Steuben would shape his ragtag mass into a fighting force, and so he did, but not at all in the way that Washington had expected. In the manual Steuben wrote for this American army, the most remarkable theme was love: love of the soldier for his fellow soldier, love of the officer for his men, love of country and love of his nation's ideals.

Steuben obviously intuited that a best San Diego to find sex army, a force of citizen-soldiers fighting for freedom from oppression, would be motivated most powerfully not by fear but, as he put it, by "love and confidence"—love of their cause, confidence in their officers and in themselves.

You say to your soldier, 'Do dating french men in Lafayette LA and he does it; but I am obliged to say, 'This is the reason why you ought to do that,' and then he to date someone in Champaign it. When Washington took command in Boston inhe had been shocked by the egalitarian behavior of New England officers and men: they actually meet Ann Arbor girls online Under Steuben's influence, though, Washington began to soften his attitude.

The change was reflected in a new policy announced six weeks after Steuben began his training: henceforth, Washington declared, officers would ride when their men marched only when absolutely necessary, it being important for every officer to "share the fatigue as well as danger to which his men are exposed. Motivating soldiers through affection and idealism had important practical advantages. With less danger of Bakersfield CA sex free, the Continental forces could be broken into the smaller units necessary for guerrilla fighting.

It also encouraged longer enlistments. During inspections, one of Steuben's instructors would ask each man his term of enlistment. When the term was limited, he would continue his usual inspection, but when a soldier exclaimed, "For the war!

This was a new concept for a new kind of military. Two years later, in the run-up to Yorktown, Washington ordered the troops of "Mad Anthony" Wayne and Lafayette to move south to defend Virginia. Both men immediately faced mutinies, Wayne because his men had not been paid for months, Lafayette because his had been told they would be on the march for legal dating age in Greensboro a few days.

Wayne responded by holding an immediate court-martial, executing six of the mutiny's ringleaders and making the rest file past the corpses—which they did, "mute as fish," a witness would recall—on their way to Virginia. Lafayette told his men they were free to go. Ahead of them, he said, lay a hard road, great danger and a superior army determined on their destruction. He, for one, meant to face that army, but anyone who did not wish to fight could simply apply find a friend Newport RI free leave to return to camp, which would be granted.

Given the option of fighting or declaring themselves to be unpatriotic bak page woman seeking man in Valley, Lafayette's men stopped deserting, and several deserters returned. Lafayette rewarded his men by spending 2, pounds of his own money to buy desperately needed clothing, shorts, shoes, hats and blankets.

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But it was his appeal to their pride that mattered most. The idea would not have occurred to Lafayette even a year before, in the spring ofwhen he had proposed a foolishly intrepid attack on the British fleet in New York. The Comte dating hangouts Brownsville TX Rochambeau, commander of French forces in America, told Lafayette it was a rash bid for military glory as it was. Lafayette learned the lesson well. In the summer Grove OK free online datinghe managed to corner British forces in Yorktown precisely because he did not attack, while Lord Cornwallis painted himself into the corner from which there would be no escape.

When the admiral of the French fleet arrived in the Chesapeake Bay off Yorktown, he insisted that his forces and Lafayette's were sufficient to defeat Cornwallis by themselves. He was probably right. Lafayette, several ranks and decades the admiral's junior, was well aware that he would gain more glory by not waiting for the forces of Washington and Rochambeau, and equally aware that he would be just a third-tier officer once they arrived.