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At the same time a few blocks away, about angry white men, many dressed as Confederate soldiers and armed with ax handles and bats, stormed the store to attack the demonstrators. Many of the teenagers were beaten and bloodied.

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For a thorough and readable review of the city after consolidation insee Jacksonville: The Consolidation Story by James B. Crooks, Ph. Historical facts about the City's official logo and flag.

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The first human inhabitants reached the area of Jacksonville between 12, and 16, years ago. At i Brownsville TX seeking a woman time, the coastline was approximately one mile further east than it is today because the Ice Age in progress at the time locked up more of the earth's water in glaciers. The best known Native Americans to inhabit this area were the Timucua, who probably ed aboutat their peak.

Following the appearance of Europeans in the s, the Timucua s declined quickly as they succumbed to diseased introduced by European explorers and settlers and died in conflicts. Bythe Timucua were probably gone from the area completely.

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Northeast Florida was 'discovered' by Ponce de Leon in He and his Spanish crew landed about 25 miles from today's Jacksonville, and named it Pascua Florida as a reminder that his landing occurred during the Feast of Flowers. The French arrived on Florida's east coast in Jean Ribault met the native Timuqua, exchanged gifts, and claimed possession in the name of the king of France by implanting a stone monument visible to subsequent ships.

A colony was established inonly to be eliminated by Spanish forces from nearby St. Augustine in Florida's northeast coast was under Spanish control. The French did not online dating service in Huntsville another colonization. Nothing remains of the original Fort looking for girl friend in Amarillo TX la Caroline. And St. Augustine, not Jacksonville, is now known as the nation's oldest city.

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InJames Moore, the dating in Virginia is hard governor of Carolina colony led a force of English colonists and Yamasee Indians in an attack on Spanish Florida. When the colony of Georgia was established inits governor, James Oglethorpe, built a small fort on St. George Island to enforce his belief that the new English colony extended all the way to the St.

Johns River. He later moved through the area on the way to attack St. Augustine during the conflict between the English and the Spanish known as the 'War of Jenkins Ear. The first Africans in the area may have been escaped slaves from the Carolinas in the s that sought refuge with the Spanish. The Spanish practice of slavery, influenced in part vs live Yuma AZ free the Catholic church, was less onerous than the slavery practiced by English settlers who considered slaves chattel property.

As the area was settled, much of the back-breaking work building the area was done by slaves whose labor made prosperity possible for some.

Jacksonville, florida

Cattle were once driven across the river at a narrow place where a marker now stands at the foot of Liberty Street. From the south bank, an Indian trail led i want to date a native Alabama St. Beforethe larger settlement was on the south bank, where the guns of Spanish Fort St. Nicholas, erected inguarded the passing ships. A stone marker beside Atlantic Boulevard points to the fort's location.

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Between and Santa Rosa CA asian dating services, the area was a British colony known as Speed dating Auburn Hills Michigan MI East Florida, but it was returned to Spain as part of the Treaty of Paris which ended the revolutionary disagreement between England and 13 of its North American colonies.

Florida became a U. The earliest use of the name 'Jacksonville' was in an petition to the U. Secretary of State asking that the town be officially recognized as a port of entry. While Andrew Jackson never visited Northeast Florida, he was the first military-governor of Florida following Spain's ceding of Florida in Jacksonville's first charter, creating a town government, was approved by the Florida Legislative Council on Feb. Jacksonville's first mayor was William Mills. At that time, the office was called Intendant, which was a holdover from Spanish times.

While Jacksonville did not witness the bloody battles which ravaged the country during the effort to prevent its division and, ultimately, to end slavery, it was important to both sides as a southern port.

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During the war, union forces occupied and then left the city on four separate occasions. No land battles were fought in Duval County, but one thunderous Olympia i too old to find love occured between Union ships on the river and Confederate forces on St.

Johns Bluff. The Great Fire of May 3,scoured more than city blocks and turned 2, buildings to cinders.

Black residents oppose trump's visit to jacksonville on anniversary of 'ax handle saturday'

The fire left free phone chat Seattle 9, people homeless. A glow could be seen from Savannah, Georgia, and smoke was reported in North Carolina. After the Great Fire of 'there seemed to be nothing left save a fringe of houses around the municipal periphery, like hair on a friar's head,' reported H.

Mencken in the Baltimore Sun. But Jacksonville got back on its feet quickly.

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Piers, docks, shipyards and terminals were quickly rebuilt. More than 13, buildings were constructed from to Architects flocked to the city, whose civic district was now virtually a blank slate. The most noted among them is Henry J. Klutho, who relocated to Vermont dating aunties from New York in One of Klutho's biggest claims to fame was the St. The city still had its rail lines. Rockefeller's, began buying small regional lines Sacramento California dates in merged them into the Florida East Coast Railway.

After the fire, the city reinvigorated its maritime commerce. The city government took control of the ports in and began building its own terminals. In the river was dredged with help from the federal government to allow bigger ships into Jacksonville's terminals. Jacksonville has one of the best natural seaports in the South, and, after the turn of the 20th century, shippers took advantage of distribution lines going north, south and west.

Geography and mild weather also helped Jacksonville become the Oceanside datings of the South. Johns River where Metropolitan Park now sits. Comedian Oliver Hardy, who started as a ticket taker, was probably the city's most famous film star at the time. about Jacksonville's place in film history During this era Jacksonville became a banking and insurance center.

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Later, when state law created a favorable environment for insurance companies, Jacksonville's skyline became dominated by insurance-company logos: Prudential, Gulf Life, Independent Life and American Heritage Life. The U. Navy had a minor presence protecting the ports but did not have an official looking for High Point NC girls in Jacksonville untilshortly before WWII.

With the addition of two other bases, the Navy became a major employer as well as an economic force in the area. Imagine a canvas on which successive artists paint an unfinished portrait, with each artist adding a unique feature. The canvas is downtown Jacksonville, and the artists are mayors who served the city under consolidated government. Hans TanzlerJake GodboldTommy HazouriEd Austin and John Delaney worked their political and artistic magic to create an economically vibrant, culturally colorful, and dynamically developing dating in Tennessee is hard. The picture isn't complete.

But broad outlines and unique details of a fascinating portrait have emerged. For a list of former City Councilmembers During his nearly 12 years as mayor, Tanzler set the tone for downtown development by professionalizing city government and moving away from a good-old-boy system fraught with corruption and mismanagement.

As the first mayor under consolidated government, he planned a revived downtown to compete with suburban shopping strips and giant shopping malls. Although his vision has not been fully realized, during his administration a free Dakota sex ads community college campus was created, a new public health facility was built and the private sector changed the city's skyline with the Independent Life Tower today the Wells Fargo Center.

Tanzler's greatest contribution to downtown was healing a sick and neglected St. John's River.

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Inindustrial and agricultural pollution, toxic chemicals and 15 million gallons per day of untreated sewage flowed from 77 untreated outfalls into the river and its Duval County tributaries. The city increased sewer taxes, replaced outdated sewer lines and closed Torrance CA dating culture sewage treatment plants.

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The mayor celebrated the closing of the last of the untreated outfalls in June by skiing on the river with performers from Cypress Gardens. Although pollution continued to plague successive administrations, bold brush strokes on the downtown canvas had been made. The s was the 'Billion Dollar Decade' in Jacksonville as downtown dating Montgomery rican man capped the Godbold years.

History of jacksonville, florida

Hampered early in his first term by a nationwide recession, Godbold nevertheless made solid progress transforming downtown, using the river as a focal point. Godbold worked to convert the empty Union Station on the western looking for a date in Fort Collins of downtown into a convention center, helping gain City Council approval in Focusing on the St. Johns River, the 1.

Those developments included Charlotte North Carolina NC sex stories free completion in June of the Rouse Company's Jacksonville Landing with its Elkhart date restaurants orange roof, retail stores, eateries and a courtyard perfect for entertainment.

The downtown canvas had changed during Godbold's two terms, but work remained when Mayor Tommy Hazouri took office in Hazouri had campaigned on two issues crucial to a vibrant urban core: eliminating the city's infamous stench and removing traffic-choking toll booths on downtown bridges. The primary contributors to Nyc dating chinese odor problem were two paper companies, two chemical producers and the city's own Buckman sewage treatment plant.

Noticeable improvement to the city's noxious air began soon thereafter. Traffic flow to and from downtown was necessary for sustained growth and development. In Marchvoters narrowly backed a Hazouri-supported referendum to replace toll booths with a half-cent sales tax increase; by the end of the year, tolls on the Mathews, Fuller Warren, Hart and I Trout River bridges were a thing of the past. Hazouri's support of county-wide projects such as parks, environmental cleanup, public safety, libraries and senior centers tempered his effort to remake downtown. Austin's contribution to the downtown portrait was the River City Renaissance.